Our Lady of Guadalupe

History has a lot of great people. Some people change the entire world. Some even change the world twice, but one person has changed the world many times. That person is Mary, the mother of Jesus. There was never a visit Our Lady made to someone when her beauty would not leave them speechless and staring. God made her beautiful. Everything about her was perfect and she knew it was all from God. She always followed God's ways and what he was calling her to do. One of the famous times, she changed lives was in a little town in Mexico.

Saint Francis Xavier

Many people think of Saint Francis Xavier as just another one of the many saints. Although to my eyes he is more than just a saint, he is an inspiration. I do not mean this because I go to a Catholic school and we are taught this, but because of what he did. Francis was a great man and I wish I knew him. Even though I never met him, it feels as if he is standing right next to me. This may not make sense now but, hopefully, I can make you understand.