I am Father Jose Luis Quintana, the Shepherd of the Shrine of St. Francis Xavier & Our Lady of Guadalupe and – as the Holy Father says – “I want to smell like the sheep I serve.”

I offer you a warm welcome to our parish community. We are a blessed parish, and I am glad that you have found us. From this moment on, you are part of our ‘family.’

We have lots to tell you about us. I hope you enjoy getting to know us. We are at your service 24 hours a day. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your needs, no matter how small they seem. We will do everything within our power to help you. We would love to hear from you too! We look forward to welcoming you back many more times in the future.

Fr. Jose

“Do everything with love.”
St. Paul
1 Corinthians 16:14

St. Francis Xavier is a Roman Catholic community, consecrated to Jesus Christ, through Mary, with loving concern for one another. We commit ourselves to living the Sacraments, celebrating the Liturgy together, and a life of prayer in communion with the Saints. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will preach the Gospel, serve the community, and witness to the world.




Parish with a Soul/Iglesia Con Alma